“There’s a reason why I call it the Benita effect. Seeing her for 12 sessions has literally changed my life in so many aspects. From being lost and stressed after quitting my job, only knowing I never wanted to go back, to today when I’m about to start my own company and have never felt more alive and happy. The last couple of months Benita has been my leading star, purposely guiding me, being patient with my fears, sharing helpful exercises and giving me the courage to follow my true passion. Always filled with love, wisdom and excitement. She has an extraordinary skill of seeing every human and their needs in a unique way that I’ve never seen before.  I’m jealous of you who haven't stared this amazing journey yet."

-- Klara Lindberg


“I find it impossible to adequately describe the feeling I had working with Benita. At one point I found myself crying and I had no idea why. I was feeling joy but also fear. I was excited, but also apprehensive not knowing what the future may bring. It’s a process you must experience to actually understand the magnitude of the work she does with Create Radical Love. What Benita teaches isn’t just a philosophy or a methodology but who she is at her core. One of the most beautiful, honest, passionate people I have had the experience to know and work with.

She helped me turn the anger, the fear, and the selfishness I lived with, into love, hope and a desire to help others. She put me on a path of balance with a well defined purpose to shape my choices, decisions and actions. No longer do I go to sleep at night with a heavy head but with ease and peace. And wake up invigorated knowing I have a rock solid foundation in which to navigate what each day may bring.

Benita is what is right in this world. I think it should be mandatory for everyone to spend time with her because I’ll tell you this, the world would be better place.”

-- Reid Miller


“Benita is a beacon of Light. She is that lighthouse that will unmistakably guide you and anchor you on your highest path. Just how does she do this? My experience with Benita has been one of awakening Love. Through her fierce devotion and deep faith she inspires Love so pure and vast that soon you'll find yourself running on this cosmic fuel. I have experienced expansion and encouragement of a rare kind in my relationship with her. Benita is a testament in and by herself - a testament to how unwavering faith, glowing Love and a warrior's courage, once awakened and stepped into, create miracles from everything they touch. She will inspire this in you. One of my highest joys is simply to look forward to expanding and learning more with and through her. Thank you Benita for your service and Light!”

-- Katarina Dudas


"Benita and her work had a huge impact on me!

Thanks to her ever vibrant joy, encouragement, on-going support and unconditional love, I was finally able to change focus and give my full attention to what means the most to me in life. Change happened quickly and steadily, operating on a deep level, carving out new realities and habits.

I have now not only a whole new flow for myself where my physical, mental and spiritual well-being and alignment come first, leading me into a cycle of endless joy, intuition and abundance but I have shifted my professional path to being more in-line with what truly excites me.

Today my personal and professional lives are aligned: balanced and happy!
In short Benita just rocks! I truly hope she touches as many lives as possible with her beautiful generous energy and awesome approach to life.”

 -- Jennifer de Fouchier


“I first started working with Benita after an inspiring yet unrelated phone call with her, as I was in the process of working out a notice period. We started coaching at a time where I was moving from secure job into the unknown of working for myself; from low confidence and low self esteem; and from a place of work, relationships and family feeling all very disconnected parts of my life. A mix of friend, therapist, coach and just inspiring ball of energy, Benita helped me develop clarity around what motivates me, helped me develop awareness of my behaviours and decision making process, helped me align what I loved doing across all aspects of being me, and without doubt helped me to form both a solid foundation to work from, and accelerated my thinking on where and how I want to continue to work. I'm so grateful so have had the chance to spend time with Benita as both a coach and see her own story develop, and I'm sure this isn't the last time our paths will intertwine.”

-- Matthew Knight

“Positive lady”

“That’s what my husband called Benita after seeing her affect on me, and I couldn’t agree more. I started working with Benita because I felt my life had become a to-do list. I was efficient and got things done, but I wasn’t really enjoying myself. I felt like I just was going through the motions. And, I wasn’t fulfilled in my career either. I knew that I needed to make changes, but I wasn’t sure where to begin. That’s when I was lucky enough to cross paths with Benita. 

Benita was the spark I needed. Working with her helped me not only think, feel and imagine the possibilities, but also make them happen. For the first time in a long time, I feel more balanced and my life feels more authentically me. 

I couldn’t have done it without her.”

-- Kathryn Scott 


I am a former professional ballet dancer, project manager, creative manager, creative recruiter and professional guide for creative people in the advertising industry now overflowing with love, passion, bliss and excitement while guiding people toward RADICALLY LOVED LIVES.


The Idea with Nick Moore "Diversity is a Talent Issue"
The OwnStream Podcast Episode 40   
The OwnStream Podcast Best of 2017

My first expression of a radically loved life came in the form of a professional ballet career. I knew by the time that I was 8 years old that I wanted to be a professional ballet dancer and with laser focus I set out to do just that. I moved to NYC at 17 years old to train at the Joffrey Ballet School and I danced professionally until I was 22. The first time my intuition spoke to me loud and clear (telling me that I was no longer living a radically loved life) was when my body could no longer keep up with the demands of that profession and a voice deep inside told me to get up and leave the studio - and I did.

I then transitioned my love of the physical body and how it works into a career in the fitness industry where for 5 years I was a personal trainer and general manager of health clubs in NYC.

I now look back and see that the fitness industry wasn’t creative enough for this very creative being and so following a classically NYC winding path I found my way into project management at a dot com start-up and was mentored by a creative director who had come from the advertising industry. He suggested I look at working in advertising agencies as a next step and it was another radically loved life moment. Managing a creative group of people, making really interesting work felt like moving through the choreography of a ballet - having all of the shifting parts dance as one - and this was a huge a-ha moment for me and sustained me for the next 17 years.

I had the honor of working at some of the most respected advertising agencies in the industry including, Fallon NY, BBH NY and Anomaly NY. I also had the honor of working with some of the most talented and hardworking people I’ve ever met in my roles covering project, resource and talent management in addition to recruiting. In addition, I spent five years at the respected global talent placement firm The Talent Business where I got to work with thousands of creative people and hundreds of creative business looking for world-class talent. I will be forever grateful for these opportunities as they shaped very beautifully my understanding of supporting and nurturing creative minds and hearts.

After having my son and spending my last seven years in the industry witnessing how the harshness and competitive nature of an already fear-based industry was only increasing I started to ask myself, “where is the love in creative businesses today?” And that gnawing question stuck with me until I was at a place where I was able to listen to that deep intuitive voice and once again make a shift and redesign my life again in a RADICALLY LOVED way.

In July of 2017, I left my role as Director of Creative Management & Talent at Anomaly NY. I purposely left without a next job in place, hired coaches and took a couple months to cultivate a calling.

Create Radical Love and my individual coaching practice was born in late August, set in motion in mid September and officially launched at the beginning of October. It is the most rewarding professional experience of my life. I see people change in front of my eyes. I see them become excited again, start to love themselves and their lives and start to make decisions based on what aligns intuitively rather than making decisions based on fear and constructed beliefs that are likely not their own. I work with clients remotely across the globe. I also work with individuals and creative businesses in person locally in the Richmond, VA area as well as in person from time to time in NYC. I also travel to clients for workshops or coaching kick-off sessions. I can see the power of transformation happening for so many and the ripple effect those changes have beyond each individual is mind-blowing.

It is important to note that I have also been on a spiritual journey my entire life. It’s taken different forms along the way. Following different teachers and belief systems, following the process of being in my body and finding clarity and enlightenment through physical activity (running, yoga, SoulCycle, Pilates, strength training, dancing, etc.) and working to create a very clean physical vessel through experimenting with food and diet. I have completed Bentinho Massaro’s Trinfinity Academy (focused on enlightenment and empowerment) and have attended one of his 5 day retreats. I have recently completed a year-long intense leadership program and I continue to explore various modes of meditation. There are various other personal aspects to my spiritual exploration but what’s most important to know if you’re considering working with me is that my definition of spirituality is wide open - I don’t believe in any one religion (though I’ve participated in a couple as part of my own exploration) or any one teacher or practice. I do believe that there is something bigger than me out there (energy, light, universe, love, nature) and when I tap into it and listen, very powerful things happen. I believe that we are all connected by the divine, infinite and perfect energy of the universe and we can either flow with that powerful energy or against it. Trust me, flowing with it is the most unbelievably powerful experience - but we have to know how to get out of the way and trust it and I have found that it’s helpful to have support as we step into the that beautiful current.

I am also now the cleanest and healthiest I have ever been in my life. I am drug, alcohol, caffeine, sugar and animal product free. My chronic health issues such as eczema and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) have resolved themselves and I am healthy from the inside out (both physically and spiritually). I have a very deep spiritual practice that includes daily meditation and yoga in addition to writing, reading, listening to and experiencing content that inspires me and raises my vibration. I prioritize the things that I love above all else and I’m very focused on time with my family, friends and being present for my clients. We have fun, we laugh and we explore. Travel is very important as well. If it’s exciting to me or a member of my family, we explore it. Life flows and is no longer compartmentalized and this is possible for everyone!

If you are interested in living a RADICALLY LOVED LIFE - a life that aligns with who you are at your core, reach out and let’s talk. A coaching relationship is like no other - we overcome fears and barriers and get you moving forward, we then take more action and keep it moving. It can be one of the most valuable investments of your life. If I can do this, anyone can do this - come join me!